High performance ceramic materials, when engineered with unique material properties, deliver exceptional properties. These ceramics resist against cyclic temperature changes, have excellent heat insulation properties, can be tailored to provide either electrical insulation or be electrically conductive. Additionally, excellent tribological properties are possible. High performance ceramic materials are corrosion and oxidation resistant. These tailored material properties are achieved by influencing chemical composition and microstructural design.

... Your partner for tailored high performance ceramics

Oximatec develops and manufactures ceramics for our customers worldwide, according to the specifications defined from our customers related to color, geometrical design and other required properties. With our real world manufacturing experience Oximatec can guarantee reproducible quality.

Services Oximatec provides:

  • Application-specific materials with reproducible material formulations
  • Processing recipes for your tailored material
  • Intermediate products for final working within your company
  • Development of ceramic parts
  • Prototyping
  • Small, medium and large series production
  • Analytical services
  • Documentation according ISO13485

OxiMaTec ...

... Expertise in material formulations and specialty products.